What's the Matter with Amy?

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What's the Matter with Amy?

What's the Matter with Amy?

By: Kristen Bloch


About the Book

What’s the Matter with Amy? discusses an important component of subjective well-being, which is mental health. Author Kristen Bloch truly feels that areas of mental health such as anxiety or depression, are not discussed enough. Even when they are discussed, it is often through hushed tones and voices of embarrassment or vulnerability. Author Kristen Bloch strives to break the stigma and guide anyone who may be facing depression into seeking the help that they need and deserve. The character Sarah, short for Serotonin, is depicted as a special being that lives inside of Amy's mind. Themes of depression are woven into the text to paint a picture of the different ways in which it can significantly affect people in multiple ways.


About the Author

Kristen was inspired to write this book some time ago during college, when she first took an interest in the mental health field. She earned her bachelor's in psychology and later, her master's with a concentration in both child and developmental psychology. She loves being around children and truly admires the perspective that they have on the world. Kristen hopes that we will all find the courage and strength to ask for help as Amy did.


(2020, Paperback, 30 Pages)


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