What's the Matter With Starting 6th Grade

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What's the Matter With Starting 6th Grade
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Whats the Matter with Starting Sixth Grade
by Kelley Staggs

In this middle school student science book, Whats the Matter with Starting Sixth Grade, the main concepts of physics and chemistry are explained through narrative, non-fiction text. Using concrete examples of mass and matter, students explore important ideas to understand mass, matter, atoms, molecules, gravity, volume, density, and buoyancy. Famous scientists such as John Dalton and Archimedes are introduced and their important theories and principals are each explained. The connection is made between concrete examples from the classroom to more abstract ideas such as the gravitational pull and mass of planets or black holes, the density of neutron stars, and space science technologies. Math instruction related to gravity and weight, volume, and density is modeled and practiced. Inquiry learning is promoted through researching and testing questions related to the topics. Each concept has an interactive link to computer simulated activities from the University of Colorado, a check for understanding quiz linked to Smart board express, supportive video clips, and even an interactive Periodic Table of Elements. Appendixes include resources and related activities. The book contents work well in hard copy or as an e-book edition. Have fun exploring Whats the Matter with Starting Sixth Grade!

About the Author:

Kelley Staggs is a sixth grade teacher and non-fiction science writer in Colorado. She has a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Metropolitan State University in Denver, a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado, and an Earth Science certification from Colorado School of Mines. She has published four books for the American Water Works Association including: Water Wonderful student book and teachers guide (K-3) and The Story of Drinking Water student book and teachers guide (4-6).

Staggs lives in Arvada, Colorado, with her husband, four children, many pets, several hives of bees, and her classic Mustang.

(2016, Paperback, 56 pages)