Wheels of Money

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Wheels of Money
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Wheels of Money
by Roc Young

Wheels of Money is a graph the author created to teach his five- and six-year-olds the basics of counting money. The idea was to make it fun and colorful to attract their interest. To his surprise, it worked better and faster than he expected. They asked for it daily and in a matter of days, they mastered it.

Today, at ages nine and ten, they are both making A-B honor roll and are doing well in math. Their success has made the author very proud and inspired him to make his work available worldwide.

About the Author

Author Roc Young of Birmingham, Alabama, had childhood ambitions of becoming a math teacher. As time passed, however, he took interest in the automotive field and pursued opportunities in mechanics and management in local auto repair shops. However, the will to teach continues to occupy his daily life. He conceives that the knowledge one obtains is only limited knowledge if undistributed. This is what inspired him to share his book, which gave his children the pride and confidence to count money at a young age.

(2012, paperback, 24 pages)