Where Are You? And Where Do You Want to Go?

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Where Are You? And Where Do You Want to Go?
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Where Are You? And Where Do You Want to Go?
by Marcus Cox

Where are you at? And where do you want to go?

This is a very fascinating and powerful read for anyone who has ever wanted to make those important changes in their lives. This book will give you the feeling that the author is in your kitchen, sitting across the table from you. You will find yourself digging deep within yourself, and asking yourself some tough questions that only you can answer. This book will introduce the exercise of mapping your own personality. The power behind this is exercise is that you will get chances to learn, know, and understand yourself better than you have ever done before.

This book is about you, for you, and by you. There are no lists or thirty-day programs to follow and to judge yourself by. This book is about becoming the new you by learning from the old you. Honestly, who else but you can tell you what you want and desire out of your life? You are your best coach, mentor, and best friend and this book will help you embrace that reality.

About the Author

Marcus T. Cox is a father of four. He left a twenty-year career in the restaurant industry and business management to pursue his dream job, the studying of social math and development of social mathematics. When asked why he made this change, he replied, I felt like I wasted a big part of my life chasing my tail, being the good pet and not my own owner.

Now he lives his life being a stay-at-home dad, raising his beautiful babies, and being an accomplished researcher, blogger, and author.

(2012, hardcover, 166 pages)