Where Did I Come From?

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Where Did I Come From?

Where Did I Come From?

By: Allen E. Grimes, JR. M.D.

About the Book

This is a book written at the request of Allen E. Grimes’ family members. It is an account of the last 80 years by the oldest living family member about the life, work, travels and interests that occurred “along the way.” It attempts to relate interesting stories that occurred, the people, the places and the events which make life so enjoyable. While others may have different recollections or perspectives, these stories will provide a background for remembrance.

                Grimes has been fortunate to have been involved with medicine in many various aspects and still makes time to visit and work in many countries, photographing the people, the animals and the sites as a hobby. The Grimes family has been supportive and engaged in every aspect and, hopefully, this book will be a resource for them over the years still to come.


(2019, Hardcover, 160 pages)

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