Where Is the Love?

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Where Is the Love?

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Where is the Love?
Maria Boggs

Lana has come to a point in her life where she knows she has to move on no matter what the consequences. Even though she loves Isaiah more than anything, how much longer will she hang on to her past? He tries to convince her to stay with him after all hes done. She asks herself, Where is the love?

Sometimes in life, we have to know when to let go of our past. We have to know when we deserve better than what we have.

She is a woman who has all that she could want, but it is as if she has nothing because she is still searching for love.

Will she follow her heart because of her love for him? How long will she settle? Something is going to change her life; when it does, will she find love or will she keep searching?

Love is the center of the universe, and without it one dies within.

About the Author

I was born in Harlem, New York, and from an early age, I experienced a lot of things in my lifetime. I began writing poetry at the age of twenty-one.

Expressing myself came naturally, so I know it is a gift from God. Each of the lessons Ive learned I chose to share in the books I write, which I hope will make a positive impact on all who read them.

I know now that I was born to be a writer, as this is one of my many passions and talents. I know I write what is in my soul.

(2010, paperback, 82 pages)