Where’s Duke?

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Where’s Duke?
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Wheres Duke?
by Kim Veilleux, illustrated by Susan Scott

Wheres Duke? is the charming childrens story of a family dog who becomes lost one day. The story clearly demonstrates the importance of the role of a pet in todays family and the love that is shared between the human and animal members of a family.

The main character of the story is Duke, the newest dog addition to the family who finds himself dangerously trapped away from his family one busy afternoon. His family, which includes two adult people and a brother dog, must conduct a careful search to determine his whereabouts. This dog tale details the interesting personalities of pets, such as Duke, the dog with no tail who wags his whole body when he is happy.

About the Author

Kim Veilleux and her sister, Susan Scott, were raised on a small farm in rural Maine. They have both had dogs as part of their families all their lives. It has been said that some people are born cat people and others are meant to live with dogs. This can easily be said about these two sisters, who now reside separately in two different corners of the country: Maine and Washington State.

Kim is the designated storyteller, and Susan is the artist for their first joint effort at describing their lives with pets in the story Wheres Duke?

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)