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by E. M. Groves

Whisper relays the struggle a young woman faces among family, love, and her own morals. Born into a wealthy family, Whisper struggles with the treatment of others by those around her. Living a life of privilege for her is no privilege at all, for all Whisper wants is a life of her own. She longs to live as her own person and not as her father's puppet.

Escaping her abusive family, Whisper finds her way to a small village located in the depths of a jungle in Central America. Finally, living a life of her own, Whisper works at helping others and making new friends. Her life is finally her own and almost as she dreamed it would be, until one agonizing night, when everything she had worked for is ripped away.

Being caught in a world of murder, drugs, and human trafficking, Whisper fights against the rules to help those suffering around her. She vows that a life of abuse and oppression is not going to happen again. Finding love in a violent world, she fights against all odds to find a way out for herself, her love, and her new family.

About the Author

E. M. Groves is a family woman who grew up moving around stateside and in third-world countries. Seeing human suffering firsthand and living through her own life struggles, she brings stories to life through some of her own experiences while keeping her heart open to the possibilities that hope and love can and do bring happiness to those willing to fight hard enough for them.

(2011, paperback, 120 pages)