What Makes People Rich and Nations Powerful

What Makes People Rich and Nations Powerful
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What Makes People Rich and Nations Powerful
by Festo Kambarangwe

As you pick this book at random and probably suddenly plan to drop it, before you drop it, just ask yourself, are we there yet? Have you reached the peak of your dreams? Your family? Nation? Are you top in your career or at your work? Are you happy? Is your family happy? Are you proud of who or what you are today? You are never even near your average! This I know. And I know something else! It isn’t too late for you!

“Statistics show that if you take a 100 people and start them at the same place at a young age, by the time they are 65, only one will be wealthy, four financially secure, 19 will still be working simply to survive, twenty-two will be deceased and 54 will be flat broke and dependent on the government or their families for their survival…”

Are the majority of the rich people any happy as individuals? Most aren’t! What is the explanation? Is it easy to free yourself and flee poverty? Poverty, under development, absence of capital, skills, poor character, and bad attitude all are part of problem. “These are deep problems,” wrote Stephen Covey, “These are deep problems, painful problems—problems that quick fix can’t solve.”

Here and now you have got an opportunity to rediscover and reclaim yourself—that rich and strong person in you. Here is an unfailing path, a shortcut to your promotion at work, success in whatever career path you choose, a path to better and rewarding relationships with people around you, a path to wealth, health, freedom, and happiness. Here is a sure path in your journey toward freedom, health, wealth, and happiness for you, your family, and your posterity. Here is your opportunity toward making your family, community, and nation strong and powerful—an opportunity to elevate humanity and making the world a better place. This is the making of a nation! And of a you!

(2011, paperback, 734 pages)


What Makes People Rich and Nations Powerful (PDF ebook)
What Makes People Rich and Nations Powerful (PDF ebook)

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What Makes People Rich and Nations Powerful [Google Editions]
What Makes People Rich and Nations Powerful [Google Editions]

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