Who Are You... or... Who Are You

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Who Are You... or... Who Are You
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Who Are YouorWho Are You
by Dona Montrenes

Who Are You... or... Who Are You examines the possibility that animals are not always happy with the way they look. They see humans always changing themselves why cant they? But would it really make a difference? Would it make them happy? They seem to think so, and theyre willing to take a chance, confident that itll be a success.

Read on and see how one small group of the animal world got together and decided they had the perfect solution to what they thought were their figure flaws until an unexpected guest arrived.

About the Author:

Dona Montrenes was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. The city of Pittsburgh was close by and she loved going into the city to shop, especially since she lived in a small neighborhood where everybody knew everybody. Still, Montrenes had fun and played all the street games, like Hide and Seek and Release the Peddler. Nearly everyone had a pet. Perhaps thats why, after taking several courses in writing, Montrenes discovered she liked writing stories about animals.

Montrenes lives with a very nasty independent love bird who is single and never had a mate. His name is Casanova. Montrenes expects shell be writing a book about him one day.

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)