Who’s Santa

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Who’s Santa

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Whos Santa
by Marquita Williams

Whos Santa is a fictional short story which revolves around a little girl named Shea. Christmas spirits of song and good cheer unexpectedly turn into a state of confusion and disbelief as discouragement takes hold. With so many loving people that surround her life, Shea will have a Christmas to remember it will be unforgettable for years to come. Whos Santa? Do you know? Is anyone truly aware of the possibilities? Well, those are the questions one little girl, who goes by the name Shea feels she may have all the answers to.

About the Author:

Author Marquita Williams is a mother of three and has come to know the greatest joy of seeing the twinkle in a childs eye. Along with the twinkle may also be tears of sadness and disappointment. Born and raised in a small town of Mississippi named Canton, the author herself remembers the feeling of both joy and disappointment as a child. With the vow to show her children the silver lining of every situation that may occur unexpectedly, the tale came about. Although it may be fictional, it includes awareness that at any moment one may easily witness a miracle and gain belief just in the nick of time.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)