Who's World: What's Life?

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Who's World: What's Life?
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Who's World: What's Life?
by Kevin Howard

As of the sun, the light in the sky is somewhat a head of a lion, as of the king of the jungle, as is the king of the world. It is what you perceive as of reality at the moment youre in the world, staring at the sun in the West as it sits in the sky without blinding the eye.

All of our lives are great wonders of future times of what there is to be. Those who look forward to a great future shall someday have one. So everyone shall look forward to a great future. Even if there is darkness in yours, the light will soon be bright for your day.

About the Author

Author Kevin Howard is a man of the world in his time of age, set out to awaken the world and every life in it, from the best knowledge to the most sophisticated college, from the way it is to the way it will always be until the world awakens.

He believes there is no thought before what seems to be everything, and to be who you are from day in and day out, for the world to only be what it is was still unfaded by mankind.

As the escape of creation to figure eternal rule, the world will always be a burden because of the uncertain. In his dimension, the other him pays attention to escape and mentions eternal rule, and the world is no fool.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)