Why Are Boys So Dumb?

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Why Are Boys So Dumb?

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Why Are Boys So Dumb?
by Kayla Wingett

Boys are dumb. They lie, they cheat, and they steal our hearts when we least expect it. They break our hearts and leave us lying on the floor to bleed to death and think its okay. Of course, we often presume theres more to them. We think maybe theres a real reason why they are dumb and cant handle relationshipsor even friendships, for that matter. I used to wonder every day why they act the way they do. Now I know.

Writing this gave me a new light. It guided me through the nights where I felt so alone and mended the wounds I never thought Id heal. The pages are filthy with pity and desperation. But this is more than just a book about boys being dumb. This is life, at its worst and its best. These are the common mistakes we make in everyday relationships. This is a book that will leave you speechless.

About the Author

Kayla Wingett was born on May 30, 1992. She resides in a small town in Indiana. This is her first real book. Throughout her life, she has been actively involved in casual writing online but nothing serious. She is a senior at LaPorte High School.

In response to the changes and obstacles in her life, she decided to write. Her family and friends are always number one, and they have been very supportive about the project. She hopes to write more books in the future.

(2011, paperback, 68 pages)