why do WE cheat?

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why do WE cheat?

why do WE cheat?

By: Myesha & Brian Harvey Sr.


About the Book


why do WE cheat? is a helpful yet entertaining look into the lives of adulterers. Myesha and Brian Harvey chose this topic to expose the truth behind a topic commonly swept under the rug. Their experiences in their relationship lead them to a breaking point and prompted them to write this book. They hope readers will take their experiences and re-evaluate their own relationships.


About the Author


Myesha Harvey is 33-years-old and a mom of three. She and her husband and co-author, Brian, have been married for five years. She loves helping people in any way she can and loves spending time with her family. Brian Harvey is also 33-years-old and a father to three. He is a proud family-man and has a love for cars.



(2019, paperback , 138 pages)

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