Why Do You Not See What I Want?

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Why Do You Not See What I Want?
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Why Do You Not See What I Want?
by Sandra Rich

When we look at the sexual stigma that causes discrimination, heteronormativity is the discrimination of any group other than a heterosexual group. It creates inequality in the workplace and in society. The lack of lesbian representation in the media is an example of how uninformed society is due to inaccurate media portrayal of lesbians and gay men. In many cases the only information society receives is based off what is presented by the media.

Many people in our society think that gay people are like the plague. This is hurting the children, women and men who are trying to face who they are and understand why they are who they are. Schools are quick to tell the cameras and concerned parents that they take bullying seriously, but their words are as empty as the words of the bullies are strong. The fact is school officials know little about the social dynamics before their very eyes, or dont care to know. They brush aside complaints as boys being boys or girls trying to find their way, but our youth are far more sophisticated than that.

So just be you, and people will accept you for you and not the stigma.

About the Author: Sandra Dee Rich has focused her career on helping others. Her specific areas of expertise include certified nursing assistant and home health aide. She is a certified aqua therapist. She has also owned and operated a nurse registry called Quality Care Unlimited. All of these professional qualities have helped her manage the operations department of a home health agency.

Rich has funded a non-profit organization since 2008 called Florida Advocacy Introduction to Health or FAITH. This program is a resource center for the public to call in and get the help they need with funding in the health care system. This organization is moving to South Carolina and will be operating in two states.

Because of her strong commitment to furthering her healthcare and nursing skills, Rich has been active in the local branch of the Chamber of Commerce, NRCC, Professional Womens Group as well as the Florida Association of Nurse Assistants. She was proud to receive a medal for Distinction of Honor as well as receiving a certificate of Congressional Merit of Honor. She also had a book published entitled A Care Givers Life and What You Should Know.

(2015, Paperback, 186 pages)