Willet's Christmas Tail

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Willet's Christmas Tail
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Willets Christmas Tail
by Belinda Adornetto

Belinda Adornettos motto: Saving one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog, his world will change forever!

Adornetto wrote this book after adopting her dog, Willet, from Colonel Potter Rescue Group, which rescues Cairn Terriers from puppy mills. Once Willet came into the Adornetto home, everyone knew that he was a very special dog, and he had a special place in everyones heart. The author wanted to share Willets life stories, beginning with her first book, Willets Christmas Tail.

Willet is now a Certified Therapy Dog and has many adventures with his visits. The author wants to share those stories in her second book, Willet Becomes a Therapy Dog. A third book is in the works with Willet Gets a Sister Zoe. Adornetto hopes that you enjoy Willets adventures in the future. You never know what the future holds for Willet and his sister, Zoe!

About the Author:

Author Belinda Adornetto has had a lifetime of love of animals which has just grown more and more into adulthood. She lives in a suburb of Northeastern Ohio with her husband, two dogs (Willet and Zoe), multiple birds, and a bunny. They love having abundance of animals to keep them busy and on their toes all the time. For their day to day jobs, Adornettos husband, Robert, is a dentist in Brecksville, Ohio, and the author, Belinda, does various Information Technology jobs throughout Northeastern Ohio. Willet has been with the Adornetto family since 2008. His little sister Zoe joined them in 2014.

In 2008, Adornetto flew to New Mexico from Cleveland, Ohio, in a snowstorm to pick up Willet from his foster family after being rescued from a puppy mill. They flew back to Ohio the next day in the cabin of the plane. Willet had already become a celebrity (at least in the minds of family and friends). Local magazines, such as Brecksville Magazine, had written articles on Willet, his Therapy Dog experiences, and being rescued from the puppy mill.

Adornetto loves to volunteer her time with Willet as a Therapy Dog and is in process of training Zoe to be a Therapy Dog in the future. The author is currently working on two more books: Willet Becomes a Therapy Dog and Willet Gets a Little Sister Zoe.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)