Willie the Wild Squirrel

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Willie the Wild Squirrel

Willie the Wild Squirrel

By: Ronnie E. Coubert

About the Book

Willie the Wild Squirrel is a story about a squirrel who talks and loves kids and everyone else around him. Squirrels are small furry little animals that keep very busy. They stay busy hunting for acorns, nuts, seeds, plants, blossoms and insects. They also stay busy by building homes and making a nest in the trees to raise their young. Sometimes they will lay down on a tree limb and rest and they also store food in the trees for winter. Willie is a unique and special squirrel who is playful and smart.


About the Author

Author Ronnie E. Coubert was born in November of 1971 in Frankfort, Kentucky. He lived with his mom, Mary, and dad, Robert, for twenty-five years in Frankfort. His hobbies are fishing, hunting and gardening. Coubert also likes to grill and spend time with his dogs, cats and chickens.

                Coubert finds writing very gratifying and he believes that readers will love Willie the Wild Squirrel.


(2019, Paperback, 36 pages)

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