Willy the Wave

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Willy the Wave

Willy the Wave

By: Bill Boccalatte

About the Book

This story, Willy the Wave, was originally written for children. However, the more the author shared the story with adults, he discovered they, too, could learn some of the deeper aspects from the life of Willy. Therefore, the intent is to bring your mind to a child-like state and let Willy the Wave share some of his wisdom with you.

The fundamental purpose of this story is to reveal to you there is another sense of perception that we human beings can discover for ourselves.

The author has found the best time to read this story is at night, just before going to sleep. The story is not something you really need to think about to understand it. If you read it before going to bed you might receive insights either the next morning or during the day when you least expect them. Those insights may be far more accurate than what you might get from attempting to analyze the message. This method prevents you from having to use the content of your own memory, allowing you to see it for what it reveals in itself.

The essence of life seems to have much to do with waves, waves of all sorts, and frequencies, such as smart phones, garage door openers, televisions, and more.

Willy shows us when we quiet down our thinking we can experience the buzz of that eternal presence. Is not that what Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Gandhi, Mohammad, and others have tried to reveal to mankind?


About the Author

William Boccalatte was born and raised in Connecticut, graduated from Weaver High in the late 1950s, and then earned an associate’s degree in electronics from Hartford State Technical Institute. Mr. Boccalatte met the girl of his dreams in 1969 and has been married forty-seven years. They have traveled the world and finally settled in Charlotte, North Carolina, after living eight years in Versailles, Kentucky, the most beautiful thoroughbred country in the USA. He is also very much interested in photography, sketching, oil painting, and writing.

Mr. Boccalatte had a spiritual awakening and now has a passion to share this amazing phenomenon with others. That is how this short story about a wave that lives on the ocean reflects to other waves his magnificent discovery.


(2018, Hardcover, 36 pages)

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