Windows of Life and Death

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Windows of Life and Death

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Windows of Life and Death
by Mary Saurer-Smith

Windows of Life and Death traces the changing perceptions of a small-town girl born to poverty-stricken, illiterate parents. At age three, a visitation from a Light-being informed her of her mission of service as a spiritual leader. Talents seemed to spring up out of ancient memory patterns as she prepared herself for that work.

Numerous influxes of radiant, vibrating Light, along with two near-death experiences, opened her consciousness to ever-expanding horizons of changing reality. She experienced the final freedom that assured her ever-deepening sense of happiness and pressed her in a direction she had never dreamed.

This book will meet you where you live, whether read for spiritual insight or mere entertainment.

About the Author

Mary Saurer-Smith is listed in the year 2000 edition of International Whos Who of Professional Management and the 2005 and 2010-2011 editions of Whos Who of American Women. She is certified in Volunteer Program Management and is best known for her work in hospice management, bereavement services, and spiritual leadership. Mary and her husband, Tony, both members of the ARE and Rosicrucians, are Licensed Unity Teachers, co-founders of the Keys to Enlightenment Program, and sole authors of its literature.

The Keys to Enlightenment literature and Marys book, A Comparison of World Religions, are available through their website.

(2010, casebound, 186 pages)