Witness Red and Other Short Stories

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Witness Red and Other Short Stories

Witness Red and Other Short Stories

By: Richard Curry


About the Book

Within this collection are two stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In “Red, Witness and Protector,” Samantha Johnson, a young red headed orphan with a talent for electronics, safe cracking, chemistry and trouble, has been given the worst jobs possible by the local organized crime bosses. Jobs she has done well while keeping her eyes and ears open and her mouth shut. Now, she must find a way to get her sister Ayanna and herself out before the hammer falls. But leaving will not be easy. Red is resourceful and cunning, but will it be enough to keep her sister alive?

In “Daddy Werewolf,” Hayley Roamer is just about the cutest young lady ever. She has a mischievous streak, as well as very little fear of the world around her. But to slap a wolf? What is she thinking?


About the Author

Born in Virginia in 1964 then raised in Louisiana, Richard Curry has enjoyed making stories in his mind for his own enjoyment all his life. From a loner going thru junior high then high school to meeting his future wife to a disastrous tour as the worst soldier ever in the Army, Curry has told stories or written them. Encouraged on many occasions to share his stories, he now has the courage to jump off into the deep end.

Experiences as a nurse, security guard, track-man driver on the railroad, surgical tech, father to two wonderful children and long-haul truck driver have molded Curry into the man he is today.


(2020, Paperback, 86 Pages)


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