Wizardry of Woman

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Wizardry of Woman
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Wizardry of Woman
by Bruce Charles Kirrage

Author Bruce Charles Kirrage has compiled and written all of these poems from his personal and diverse attitude on life. He has been writing for over thirty-seven years. He has drawn from his experiences and the result is this honest, interesting and unique slant on the human condition. This original work will go far to explore the natural mind.

About the Author:

Bruce Charles Kirrage was born in Singapore in 1953. After moving around the world, he settled permanently in the UK in 1966. He joined the medical profession in 1973 and retired in 2010.

Since 1977, Kirrage has written poems and childrens stories. Other writings have been endorsed by medical consultants.

Kirrage believes in Christian and Zoroastrian principles. He believes God was/is the single entity that is open to the question of courage, the compassion of human/animal nature, an understanding of happiness, and an interpretation of worldly events.

(2015, Paperback, 114 pages)