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by Chiffone Hill

The journey from infancy to adulthood is much like the life of a rose. Roses start out as tiny, seemingly insignificant buds. They are closed up, sheltered to the world outside. The buds are completely innocent of their surroundings; whether they grow in a lush garden or next to a cement wall in a parking lot, they are closed and sheltered. As they grow, rosebuds slowly begin to hint at their ever-increasing beauty. As they stretch out their petals, they display their color, scent, and intracacies. Finally at full bloom, a rose blossoms and radiates its stunning beauty. Even after the grand finale of blooming and as it wilts, the rose gently releases its petals, spreading its sweet, lingering scent.

Throughout our lifetimes, we will have times of being in full bloom, but these grandiose moments come after times of waiting, longing, and struggle. In this book of poetry, Chiffone J. Hill shares her life experiences, including seasons of thorny troubles and seasons of sheer beauty.

About the Author

Chiffone J. Hill is a student majoring in education at Westchester Community College. She currently works as a teachers assistant while she works toward her degree. She aspires to run a program for young women in need as well as own a restaurant and daycare. She has been writing poetry since she was thirteen. At thirteen she entered a poem in the National Library of Poetry and won first prize. This inspired her to continue writing. Chiffone has two children.

(2010, paperback, 80 pages)