Wondering Aloud through Your Eyes

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Wondering Aloud through Your Eyes

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Wondering Aloud through Your Eyes
by Preston Sommers

From my secret place I see a world known only to me, Locked in time. It is here that my spirit glows, Shrouded in the marvel of what is to come. For you see, Your imagination is your future. It's a message sent ahead in time. When your hear a bird sing or see the flap of a butterfly wing, It is because you have wished it.

You are welcome to my world if only you will look in its direction.

About the Author

Preston Sommers was born and still lives in rural America. He has worked for a major tire production plant for many years. A resident of Texarkana, Texas, He is a musician who also enjoys activities such as bicycling and fishing. His other interests include swimming and sightseeing.

(2012, hardcover, 62 pages)