Workplace Bullying and Harassment: Victim or Victor?

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7936-7
Workplace Bullying and Harassment: Victim or Victor?
by Patricia Watson Subjected to firsthand bullying, I became a victim in the early days of my working life. It has been a long road with many stumbling blocks to finally reach a point where I no longer accept pushover techniques by those who think they can. This book contains material I believe relevant to those seeking help and information. Bullying behavior is occurring more and more frequently within our work environment. We live in a time where the pressure of work and family life demands much more than it ever used to. For some these frustrations are taken out not only on coworkers but family members, too. Why cant we work together? Why cant we be happy and strive to gain better working conditions? We can. Its time to stand united and stamp out these S.H.I.T.S. (Social Harassers in Todays Society) and their unacceptable demeanor. Workplace bullying and harassment is NOT and should NOT be tolerated. It HAS to stop. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born in New Zealand in the little country town of Wairoa, I always had a passion for writing. After working in varied positions, I finally got to fulfill my dream: becoming a nurse. I have a wonderful family: two sons, four wonderful grandchildren, and a loving husband. I presently work as a registered nurse in Queensland, Australia, and look forward to retirement. My personal mission has been to write this book. I didnt strive for a great novel, just one that is a personal achievement, and by doing so, I may have helped another person. My special thanks to Ray Nikolaison, for his support and guidance in getting my book to print. (2007, paperback, 36 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.