World History in Real Light

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World History in Real Light

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World History in Real Light
by Tsvetan Sirmanov

In this unusual book, essential historical developments are examined in the light of their ruler. From the earliest human civilizations to the post WWII era, the past is scanned in these twelve strongly condensed chapters.

Why were the skillful Aztecs so bloodthirsty? Why were the regimes of Nazi Germany and communist Russia so similar? What was the real cause for the atomic bombing raid over Japan? Why did the Soviet Union collapse?

The answers of these and other important questions will be a revelation to many readers and will influence their outlook. The applied brand-new approach led to startling results and very important conclusions.

About the Author

Tsvetan Sirmanov is a graduate of Sofia University "Kl.Ohridsky" and a post-graduate of Moscow University "M.V.Lomonosov"kandidat nauk (Ph.D.). Working at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the fields of philosophy and history of science, he specialized at Yagellonian University, Poland on Copernicus.

The author studied physics in order to understand better modern philosophy and carefully examined the works of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, and other idealists in hope to learn more about God's existence. However, being themselves only humans, they could not give much. At last he met the Bible. The effect was like turning on a powerful lamp in a dark room.

(2010, paperback, 58 pages)