World of Joy: Parts 1-18

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World of Joy: Parts 1-18

by David Wayne Turner World of Joy: Parts 1-18 is a collection of poetry that points out the incredible misdeeds of the Joy family, which was brought forth by one mans player attitude. This man, Rick Anthony Joy, used women to his own advantage, but he eventually saw the error of his ways. His son, Rick Anthony Joy, Jr., observed his fathers actions and soon followed his destructive path. Both men made life-changing mistakes, but Rick Sr. made a mark that will be left on future generations, unaware that the floodgates are now opened. ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Wayne Turner, a native of Homer, Louisiana, always remembers what his grandparents told him: Never lose sight. He had always wanted to become an artist and a writer, and with the publication of World of Joy: Parts 1-18, he has successfully fulfilled his dream. He uses his pen and pencil to create words that are forever endless, and similar to the protagonist of his book, he thus makes a mark that will be left on future generations. Turner has an extremely loving family who has always supported him during his pursuit of his writing career. (2006, paperback, 100 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.