Worlds of Wonder

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Worlds of Wonder
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Worlds of Wonder
by Gladys O'Rorke

The Little People and a spiritual being called Light Person seek to awaken the children of Planet Earth to their magical world within them. To this purpose Light Person and the Little People go on a mission that is filled with adventure. A brother and sister also help in this work, as well as an elderly Scientist. This story will hopefully, make children more aware of the spiritual world that surrounds them and is so very beautiful.

In Book Two a little girl called Sugarbush has wonderful adventures with her friend Charles. There are the woodland creatures to save from hunters, a sad young boy to help find love and heart-warmth, and other events follow which will enrich the young reader at every turn.

About the Author

Gladys O'Rorke is born in Madagascar of French and English parentage. She is the author of two books on world religions, two children's books, and one autobiography. She has been a contributor for the spiritual Journal The Mountain Path for more than forty years. She has one son and is a widow. She lives in Ireland.

(2012, paperback, 138 pages)