Worship-Untapped Resource

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Worship-Untapped Resource
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Worship-Untapped Resource
by Rita Maiyaki

So Moses wanted to know more of what makes God tick. God obliged and described Himself in Exodus 43:6. Moses subsequently wrote five books on God for the people.

All the prophets and the Apostles wrote on the nature of God and urged the Israelites to get close to Him. Moses enjoined them, Make Him your life. Joshua said, Cling to Him and serve Him enthusiastically. David urged, Worship and serve Him with a clean heart and a willing mind. Jesus testified that His closeness to the Father has placed Him in a position to know and declare Gods mind. Paul urged, Let your life be a living sacrifice.

All are testimonies of worshipful lives. Both Testaments are Wills. They are full of the rich knowledge of God and pathways to treasures of hidden riches in secret places from God. Therefore, your knowledge level will determine your treasure level! Voila!

About the Author

Rita Maiyaki is a retired Federal Inspector of Education in Nigeria. She joined the services of the Federal Ministry of Education after graduation at the Institute of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. She later transferred to the Administrative cadre at the Federal Ministry of Education and rose to the rank of a Deputy Director before her voluntary retirement from service in 2008.

Maiyaki has great love and passion for the Lord. The Lord gave her a ministry called Restoration International Ministry. It entails preaching the Word of God to build up believers faith so that they grab hold of their inheritance and lay hold of eternal life. The Ministry has an Orphanage, called the Peninah Orphanage at Lugbe. There is an Outreach for the poor and the widows in care and the Word.

While asleep in 2007, the Lord tapped Maiyaki and asked her to write on worship.

(2013, Paperback, 106 pages)