Writing Autobiographies

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How to Write Your Own Life Story

Using the method of writing bits and pieces as you remember them rather than chronologically, the author gently encourages you to write your story whether you believe you are a writer or not. more...


How to Write the Story of Your Life

This is a great read for those interested in writing their life story. Mr. Thomas goes from early childhood through retirement, and is well worth the reading. He has specific prompts, and works with small "chunks" of life. Entwined are guides to good writing, and other aspects of writing a great story. more...


Living to Tell the Tale: A Guide to Writing a Memoir

"Writing is a second chance at life," writes Jane McDonnell. "I think all writing constitutes an effort to establish our own meaningfulness, even in the midst of sadness and disappointment." In Living to Tell the Tale, McDonnell draws on this impulse, as well as her own experiences as a writer and teacher of memoir, to give us what should become the definitive book on writing "crisis memoirs" and other kinds of personal narrative. more...

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