Writing About Literature

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8622-8
Writing About Literature
by Carol Gray-Javid Writing About Literature is a tutorial manual geared especially toward students ages ten through twelve who wish to improve their skills in writing about literary topics, but it is also suitable for older students and adults. The main goal of this manual is to help the reader put his or her ideas about a story, poem, or folktale into a clear, well-organized essay that others will read and enjoy. The organizing charts and step-by-step guide sheets in each lesson will help the reader accomplish this goal. The characters in the reading selections are serious, amusing, heroic, and tricky. They offer a very realistic view of the culture they represent. ABOUT THE AUTHOR My name is Carol Gray-Javid. I was born in Mobile, Alabama, but was raised and educated in New York City. I attended John Adams High School. I received an associate in science degree from Queensboro Community College and a bachelor of arts degree from Bernard M. Baruch College. I did postgraduate work in English at Columbia and Adelphi universities. I also taught English to middle school students for twenty-two years. My major hobbies are Bible history and archaeology. I firmly believe all men have a natural spiritual connection with God and Jesus Christ and many are motivated by this to do good deeds. I also believe effective communication is vital for our world and should be nurtured in our young. (2007, paperback, 290 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.