Wyvern Keep

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Wyvern Keep

Wyvern Keep

By: M.J. Shaner


About the Book

Blade Shadow didn’t grow up as an ordinary wolf. She was trained to be a killing machine, as her Alpha father would not accept anything less. When new wolf Dean Payne shows his face in her pack, Blade’s life slowly crumbles without her noticing what she has truly become. When her gifts are noticed by the Den, Blade is suddenly thrown into another world. One she doesn’t know how to navigate. Can she change her ways and learn to accept the path fate has laid out for her?


About the Author

M.J. Shaner’s short story “The Vial” has been published in the book Mission Contamination Tales From Ohio. This urged her to continue on her path as a writer until she wrote Wyvern Keep and many drafts of other stories to come.


(2020, Paperback, 58 Pages)


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