Yahuwah's Game

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Yahuwah's Game

Yahuwah’s Game

By: Sandy Bergen

About the Book

Yahuwah’s Game is the author’s true story of being targeted from birth, trained to be a sex child, whore, star and how her mind was controlled. The book shares information for spiritual awakening and exposes nefarious crimes perpetrated by the United States government and the Freemason secret society, namely Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra/Monarch Project.


About the Author

 Sandy Bergen is humbly grateful to any spirit who reads her true story. She began this program from birth under a full moon on November 15, 1959. Her profound awakening occurred in December 2012, right on cue with the Mayan calendar. She now tells people that although she will be fifty-eight in November 2017, she feels like she will be eight. The more knowledge she acquires, the more she realizes she does not know. The road she is traveling is long but so very worth it. Meditation and walks with nature are a daily routine. She practices yoga and goes to the gym when she can. She hopes the light in her will honor the light in you.

(2017, Paperback, 312 pages)

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