Yesterday Never Comes

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Yesterday Never Comes

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Yesterday Never Comes
by Drew Mellis

Painstakingly observing their every move, the monster in this story abducts beautiful young woman and, having built an inescapable chamber in the cellar of his home, takes demented pleasure in having his way with them sexually. (The sexual content, as well as the violence, is very graphic.) Although he is sick from as early as his teens, he gets a real taste for killing in the army during a tour in Iraq.

Detective Frank Hawkins and his partner, Mitch, despite the staggering evidence pointing to another individual, doggedly pursue a hunch, eventually leading them to the door of the real killer. The finish is a twist with the inevitable showdown between good and evil.

About the Author

Drew Mellis lives in Reno with his wife, Linda, and their three wonderful little doggies. As a long-time fan of true crime books and shows, Drew was greatly disturbed to learn that 75-80 percent of serial killers and lust-mongers reside in the United States. Therefore, he decided to write a book and not hold any punches. He explains the horror and grief that the abductees go through, as well as their families. Mellis was moved to tears and fright in this writing. I lived the parts deliberately, he claims, to gather a true grip upon what takes place. It isnt pretty.

He is presently working on another novel. Yesterday Never Comes is his first.

(2009, paperback, 326 pages)