Yesterday Once Again: Guenevere's Quest

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ISBN 0-8059-9238-3
Yesterday Once Again: Guenevere's Quest
by Amy Darden Yesterday Once Again: Gueneveres Quest begins with a young girls love of books and the excitement she finds in them. Following the recommendation of a librarian, Guenevere, or Jenny, becomes fascinated by one particular big green booka book about her namesake, Queen Guenevere. While she is reading, Jenny finds herself mysteriously transported to medieval England, where she becomes young Guenevere. On her journey to Camelot to marry King Arthur, she finds and befriends a maid and a little girl, Anna. They soon encounter Queen Mab, the evil fairy queen, as well as spirits, a dangerous griffin, and many other strange creatures. When Queen Mab kidnaps Anna, Jenny sets of on an adventurous mission to rescue her in Yesterday Once Again: Gueneveres Quest. Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.