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by Zoe Hunter

This little book tells the story of a girl, Stella, who travels to thirty-four countries and finds adventure everywhere. No one will be surprised to hear that whatever the difference in religion or culture, people are beautiful everywhere.

In this book you will find a mystery and a love story braided into the travels. When you finish this book, you will have gone many places in your own imagination. Enjoy the trip!

About the Author:

Books were always important to Zoe Hunter. From inside the small library at a public school in Michigan, to thick, often boring, college texts, she read them all: Greek/Roman mythology, English history, anything science, and of course the well-worn Bible; books were always there to fill her mind and comfort her soul.

Hunter gained instant notoriety one day at work when she wrote on a chalkboard with chalk in each hand. As she wrote a correctly slanted cursive sentence with her right hand, the left wrote a perfect mirror-image of the sentence slanted to the left. Her work team made it very clear that she was different. Until that moment she thought she was normal! Cant everyone write with both hands at the same time?

In her travels the countries she had read about became treasured memories, and always more marvelous than expected. If you are ever asked to name a word describing your adventures through life, live so that you can honestly say Amazing!

(2017, Paperback, 50 pages)