Yesteryear's Literature: Children & Youth Readings

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9025-6
Yesteryear's Literature: Children & Youth Readings
by Professor Constance Colon Yesteryears Literature: Children and Youth Readings can enrich lives through literal reality and fantasy story-telling. Through visualization, young readers can engage with the world of language. The stories commence an invitation to a future reading commitment. Selective worldwide episodes represent life-cycle events. The description of early nurturing and late adulting years are staged through visual conceptualization. Representing captions draw the audience to flavorful specificities culminating in climatic action. The nature of characters and environments embody developmental scenes and full-scope plots. Finale endings encapsulate the dramatic designs, incorporating synoptic life thoughts. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Professor Constance Colon-Jones is a certified and experienced elementary and secondary school teacher. She has also taught at the college and university level, specializing in the communications field. Other author publications may be found within the communications, education, and language arts areas. Author Colon-Jones currently lives with her husband Dennis in South Carolina. The couple share one son Brian and a daughter-in-law Cindy. They are grandparents to two pups, Gabrielle and Sadie as well as three felines, Taz, Hermina, and Harry. (2006, paperback, 174 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.