You and Me Santa

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You and Me Santa

You and Me Santa

By: Aleigh

About the Book

Being a creative author, I, Aleigh, began writing in the 1st grade in Missouri. My school reacher would have a day to tell stories about the student’s pets, families, holidays and whatever the students wanted to talk about. The teacher would also ask the student to write a little essay about their stories to help us to learn to read and write. You and Me Santa is a book created while taking walks and talks with my graddaughter, Layla Grace.

As Layla and I would walk through the snow, we would use our imaginations to make up stores. Sometimes we would fall in the snow giggling and laughing about our stores. It was so much fun!

With Christmas Love I hope you enjoy telling stories and reading You and Me Santa.


(2019, Hardcover, 30 pages)

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