You Are Both Wrong! - eBook

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You Are Both Wrong! - eBook

You Are Both Wrong!

By: Farid Adel

About the Author

Farid Adel was born in Old Kabul City, Afghanistan, on January 4, 1951. He completed his primary education in Habibia High School; then completed his military duty and graduated as a Second Lieutenant from the Afghan National Army.

Shortly thereafter, in February 1974, Adel arrived in the United States and immediately enrolled at the University of Kansas as a student. He continued his education and eventually graduated from the University of New Mexico. He was then accepted into the United States Military and worked for over twenty-one years. During this period, he was able to continue his higher education with the assistance of the United States military and received his MA from the University of Davis, California.

Adel retired from the Air Force in 2002. This was a great opportunity for him to concentrate all his effort in writing this book. You Are Both Wrong! is his ninth book.


(2018, eBook)