You Are You

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You Are You
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You Are You
by Pam Goude

Do you and your children want to learn how to die, get pregnant, go to jail, end up in rehab, or drop out of school?

If you and your children have these results as goals, then by all means read this book. For those few children and parents who wish to avoid death, jail, pregnancy, rehab, and failing school, you will also want to read this book.

About the Author

At age seventeen, Pam buried both parents, who were killed when a drunk driver crossed the center line and crashed into them. Pam has witnessed family and friends throw away their lives, careers, health, and relationships to pursue drugs and alcohol. For more than twenty years, Pam has educated and counseled teachers and children in preschool and elementary grades. Pam lives in Georgetown, South Carolina. Pam is happily married to her husband Reuben who is a criminal and family law attorney. Pams daughter Leah is a senior at College of Charleston. Pam lives with her husband, two horses, a Weimaraner, a Border Collie, and a cat.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)