You Missed It!: Miracles and Missed Opportunities

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You Missed It!: Miracles and Missed Opportunities

You Missed It! Miracles and Missed Opportunities

By: George Hare


About the Book

God called author George Hare to service in the ministry through a miraculous sign in a small Catholic church in a North Dakota farming community. Years later, after Hare divorced and lived a materialistic lifestyle, God reawakened his relationship with Himself through a series of miracles and supernatural signs. This led Hare to finally surrender his life to God and to an exciting time in the Mid-East in a literature ministry in a closed (to the Gospel) Muslim country. There, God performed many miracles and, time after time, answered prayers for healing. The focal point of this ministry was to provide Christian books, Bibles, and other materials (forbidden in this country) to the underground church and to the local Muslim population. God protected Hare from arrest, deportation, jail, or worse, as only God knows.


About the Author

George Hare is a North Dakota farm youth who walked away from God’s calling on his life to pursue his career in the business world. After many years as a sailor, engineering writer, and manager in the US and Mid-East, God used miracles to get his attention and bring him into service in God’s kingdom.  


(2021, Paperback, 66 Pages)


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