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By: Nicole Carey

About the Book

You tackles the day-to-day experiences of an Appalachian writer, speaking directly to the readers, to the author, to friends and family, and to the outside world at large. As the youngest of three girls in a boisterous family, the author captures and makes an effort to share the good and the bad of life in a small town with an overactive sense of humor. Written almost exclusively after midnight, You is introspective without getting tangled up in metaphors; it speaks on the importance of everyday occurrences without taking itself too seriously.


About the Author

Nicole Carey was born in North Carolina, but will always be a Tennessee girl at heart. She has always been fascinated with the ability of language to express a complex feeling or emotion and to catch the details of an experience just right. From a young age, Nicole realized that poems have no requirement for plot and, therefore, no chance of plot holes. As a result, she spent her childhood writing poetry and never quite managed to stop. Her poems have appeared in student literary magazines, such as Echoes and Images, and in frames placed strategically throughout her mother’s house.

                Nicole lives and works in Kingsport, Tennessee, with her husband, comedy partner, and muse, Nick.


(2018, Paperback, 66 pages)

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