Young Taboo

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Young Taboo
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Young Taboo
by C.J. Offer

A uniquely beautiful young woman is born into a poverty-stricken inbreeding world where cousins intertwined with one another is justifiable. It is believed that to remain within the family will keep the bloodline strong. Infidelities occur, commonly and without remorse; disabilities are rapid, with missing limbs and scaly skin; and insanity is of the norm amongst the community.

Jamie Foutaine realizes at an early age that this behavior is not for her and takes matters into her own hands. She murders with pleasure, trapping her victims within the confines of her wooded chambers. Her cousins love to hate her, due to her attractive features; but they also fear her. Jamie eagerly watches and waits for opportunities to deploy attacks, so she can dismember body parts and ingest them with ferocity. As the years go by she displays moments of sexual tension and frustration. She falls in love with a pretend relative. He promises to relinquish all of her wants and desires, only when she is of legal age. She waits for the day to arrive; and when it finally comes, she will never be the same.

About the Author: C J Offer was born in the northwestern division of the District of Columbia in June 1964. She was educated within the Maryland School system, as well as overseas. She has traveled extensively throughout the United Sates and southern Europe. She currently resides on the East Coast, where she appreciates the good Lord and the love of her family.

C J Offer considers herself an enthusiast believing that, Life has no limits, other than oneself.

(2015, Paperback, 84 pages)