Your Passport to Immigration

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Your Passport to Immigration
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Your Passport to Immigration
by Terry G. Cleaves

The author felt there was a need for a book to assist those who want to begin the immigration process. This book takes the immigration process step-by-step in accords with the requirements of the US Government. Everything a person needs to know is detailed in this book.

After inquiring into the cost of an immigration attorney, Cleaves decided to handle the process himself. Only after many months of studying websites, having papers returned for errors, and wasting valuable time, was the author successful.

If you are one of the 4,000 applicants filing for immigrating petitions each month, you will need the guidance this book provides.

Cleaves is not an attorney or someone specialized in immigration. It takes time and effort, but a person can manage and handle the immigration process without an attorney. This book is your map of the immigration process.

About the Author

Even though Terry G. Cleaves wife had visited the United States prior to meeting Cleaves, she had difficulty obtaining a visa to come to the US to meet the authors family. Thus, the couple had no choice but to get married in her country.

Had Cleaves known then what he does now, he would have taken a different tact in getting his wife and her two children here. It took over a year and a half to accomplish the immigration process. The author was told by different sources that the average immigration petition could take as long as two to three years.

The author hopes this book will shorten your petition time with useful suggestions and get your loved one here as soon as possible. Good luck...

(2013, paperback, 42 pages)