Youth Serum - eBook

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Youth Serum - eBook

Youth Serum

By: Quinn C. Bytheway

About the Book

Wren is a girl living in the future. They have now discovered a youth serum called hildaphox. Nobody grows old anymore. However, that doesn’t make growing up any easier. Wren falls in love with someone she least expects. Now she is at the mercy of someone’s jealousy. The question is, who? Since nobody grows old the only nursing homes are the prisons, the government doesn’t feel prisoners are entitled to get hildaphox injections. If they don’t, they grow old faster than how an average person used to. It’s a race against the clock to free the love of her life! Will she be able to do it in time?


About the Author

Quinn C. Bytheway lives in the town of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. She runs a cleaning business with her father and writes books as often as time allows. She lives there with her husband Kirk Bytheway. They’ve been happily married fifteen years and enjoy their two cats and raising chickens, not to mention their niece Catalena and granddaughter Caroline.


(2018, eBook)