Zara, the Shepherd's Love

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8994-6
Zara, the Shepherd's Love
by Muhammad Qazee, Translated by Taher Sarhady and Hamid Golpasandy This is a real and interesting story about what happened in Kurdistan, Iran, and was written by the late Muhammad Qazee in 1938. Its message is clear for youth in that they should never be disappointed in their lives and should try to overcome problems bravely. Zara, The Shepherds Love is an actual adventure of a Kurdish young man, Ghader, who is married and has two children, but he falls in love with Zara, a young and very beautiful daughter of a peasant in his village. Zara has many suitors, from lords to men of great wealth, but they are eliminated in different ways due to the deep relationship existing between Zara and Ghader. ABOUT THE TRANSLATORS Taher Sarhady has an M.A. in applied linguistics and is a lecturer at Sanandaj Technical Institute in Kurdistan Province in Iran. Some of his published books include An Elementary Textbook of English for University Students, ESP for Students of Accounting, and Kurdish Ethnonationalism (translated). He has also published papers in international and national journals, including Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, Language Forum, Journal of Humanities in Iran, and Translation Studies. Hamid Golpasandy has a B.A. in English language and teaches in high schools in Sanandaj. He has written a book on English grammar and some papers on psychology and psycholinguistics. (2007, paperback, 66 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.