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by Amanda K. Rivers

Evelyn Anderson is a normal teenage girl who thinks her life is boring. She goes to school and lives in an ordinary, suburban neighborhood with her parents. The only excitement in Evelyns life comes from practicing martial arts.

Evelyn soon finds herself working at a boating company with her fathers friend, Chuck. It is out in the open ocean where Evelyn discovers that she has a thirst for adventure. Her life suddenly changes when a storm sweeps her into another world. There, she meets a boy named Sam who becomes her comrade. Together, they set out to find Ferjian, a powerful being who wields magical powers, but rumors say that they are evil demons who love to murder and destroy.

What will Evelyn and Sam discover about this world and about the Ferjian they are seeking? Read and find out!

About the Author:

Amanda K. Rivers is the author of Zertone, her first book. She has always had a deep love of reading all her life, though she has only recently become a writer. Writing has been something she had done in her spare time and she has worked on Zertone for at least five years, crafting the story it is today. When the ideas for Zertone first came about, she did not intend for it to be any more than an idea. As time went on and her story grew, she just had to make it come to life.

Now, as a proud writer, Rivers has decided to publish her work and let the rest of the world read her ideas and story. She currently lives in Pace, Florida, where she has grown into the writer she is today.

(2016, Paperback, 122 pages)