The Greatest Mystery! A Prophecy for Prosperity & Wisdom

The Greatest Mystery!  A Prophecy for Prosperity & Wisdom
Item# ISBN: 978-1-4349-9029-7

by Alfredo Cesar Esteves

Through this book, you, the reader, will learn what no instructor or other books can really teach you! This is one of the greatest mysteries!

This book is a technique to create change in your life in the simplest way possible. It is never too late to change direction in your life.

If your desire to succeed outstrips your desire to know your true will, you are missing the spiritual path of inner transformation and opening yourself up to harm on a variety of levels. The message is to accomplish your meanings. The process requires some practice at first but becomes much easier as more reading is examined.

By analyzing this work, we are also gaining answers to our questions about the world's uncertainties.

Just as two wires are needed to produce electricity, the spiritual energy of the soul requires a flow between the heart and the head.

Explore this book and through it find your true will, the desire of your soul. Explore it to shine light in the darkness and call for a more serene and harmonious tomorrow.


It was about a year before I begin my public spiritual work. I am a very practical person and think the exploration of your true will should have practical applications that will give you the ability to take responsibility for actively changing your reality.

Through this work, my awareness grew. My understanding grew. My spirituality grew. Now it is time for this work to be explained in the published work from which more students may benefit from the knowledge it conceals.

As a result of working freely, therefore, it has changed my life. In addition, I dare think of the ways they are going to change yours.

This is one of the greatest mysteries. It can be intellectually learned from a book but never understood until the mystery is personally revealed to you.

If you do not seek out the mystery, you will never become a part of it. Only when you do will you be a part of the divine transformation of yourself, society, and the world.

Enjoy the process! And begin the process of the mysterious....

(2008, paperback, 164 pages)

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The Greatest Mystery!  A Prophecy for Prosperity & Wisdom [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-1-4349-9029-7 [E-book]

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