Magic Every Month

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Magic Every Month

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Magic Every Month
by Naela Hurst

Magic Every Month is about twelve girls who are fairies and pixies. They try to celebrate a holiday in each month with the help of friendship, their moms, and nature. I think it will teach children to respect nature, eat healthily, and have fun year round. You can make up a holiday if there isnt one.

Your children will love that the girls are individuals who have their own personalities. There can be one for each of them. If youre looking for cute adventures, you will really enjoy this book. So please, read this magical book and youll find your childhood there, too!

About the Author

Born in Ohio but raised in Louisville, I kind of felt I grew up in both places. I didnt believe in magic when I was younger, but now if I see a magic show, I do not want to know how they do their tricks. I have always liked writing. At school I enjoyed English class. I didnt like when we had to write poems, but now I have written at least two and a monologue. I like Louisville because its diverse and I love learning about new cultures. I think everybody should visit the Derby City sometime in their lives. I know I have really enjoyed living here.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)