Magic Every Month VI

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Magic Every Month VI

Magic Every Month VI

By: Naela Hurst


About the Book

Feel that in the air? It's love! Join the girls, and introducing the boys, in this Valentine's Day fun! Hearts adorn the halls of the school making feelings grow. The Valentine’s party stirs up crushes and puts the students in a position to reveal who they like most. Will they get a special card from someone, a box of chocolates, or perhaps a giant bear?! The girls realize boys aren't so annoying and can actually be quite sweet. But not as sweet as suckers and chocolate kisses!


About the Author

Naela Hurst was interviewed for a blog in January, and has gotten a badge as an author on the Goodreads website in December 2018. Many of her family and friends are proud of her, while she stays humble and is always herself. She is hoping to have a successful book signing for her 1st book’s ten year anniversary and is excited for the completion of her Magic series. Naela relates to this story because, in 3rd grade, she remembers creating mailboxes for Valentine's Day and it being very fun. Naela thinks this holiday can be a bit cheesy, but done right with the right person, it can be romantic and exciting. Some people even celebrate being single, or make it an all girls’ party. Naela is more of a tom-boy so she relates more to the characters who are comfortable with being around boys. Being a chocoholic, Naela enjoys this holiday of smooth chocolates over sticky caramel, single or not! It's about love and who you share that love with. All relationships can be celebrated on this lovely day!


(2020, Paperback, 30 Pages)


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