Magic Every Month VII

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Magic Every Month VII

Magic Every Month VII

By: Naela Hurst


About the Book

Are you okay? You're looking a bit green? Or maybe you're just feeling lucky! That's right! The twenty-four fairies and pixies celebrate St. Patrick's Day. They learn about its history and Irish history as well. Things like, "O" before a last name means "grandson of" and "Mac" or "Mc" mean, "son of". A private lesson is taken as Shammrock and Chaun have something up their sleeves.

Shammrock and Chaun’s surprise is revealed at the St. Patty's Day party at the school. Their Irish dancing duet is a hit! See the girls learn the different ways you can cook a potato beyond fries, and maybe your mouth will be watering to make them too. Slide down the rainbow’s beautiful colors and into the pages of this vibrant green book!


About the Author

At the end of 2017, Naela Hurst bought a gift basket with hopes that it would get won as a prize or sold at an event. It contained four books, fairy wings, a bookmark she knit herself, and other items that she bought herself. An organization showed interest in it but, it wasn't until August 2018, when someone close to Naela won the basket. This year (2019) the basket will include all seven Magic Every Month books! Loving history, Naela likes to get to know the root of Holidays. Naela has taken tap dance, but has seen clogging live which reminds her of traditional Irish dancing by the way they don't use their arms. Naela is excited for this happy ending of the Magic series.


(2019, Paperback, 30 Pages)


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